Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ticking (12)

The city walls crumbled down today.

Nat and I sat on his bed, just chatting away about what life would have been like if we hadn't of ever met Peter Rivers, when we hear a loud bang, like an explosion. We look outside, and surprise, the city is changing itself again, morphing the buildings into the ground below us.

Nat is ecstastic; me, not so much. I knew this could have been a trap to lure us out.

But I was wrong...they didn't want "us."

Assuming we were about to make our great escape, we tried to take Brian with us.

The problem was....Brian's not normal. He wasn't asleep. When we approached him down stairs, he was all ready sitting up, and looking at us with curious, thoughtful, malicious eyes.

Brian was hungry. He wanted to EAT.

We knew there was something just plain wrong with our friend.

We could feel it.

Nat lost his nerves when Brian started to chase him. On a normal day, Nat would have stayed and gotten his ass kicked in a vain attempt to settle an arguement. Not today. Nat ran out of the house, with Brian silently following him.

I was too slow. I should have tackled Brian. I should have moved.

But my feet stay plastered to the ground, and now Nat's run off somewhere in the city...

He's probably dead...

I think this will be the last time anyone updates this blog. So, I'll fill you in on my famous last words...

Fuck you, Peter Rivers. Fuck you, Lonely Hearts Club. Fuck you, Fears.

Fuck you, Fred.

yeah, Fred's real. Fuck yeah he is.

He betrayed us. That bastard...he's the one who led us to the bus..

He's behind the Deathwatches.

And yeah, those Deathwatches...the ticking

The ticking's unbearable...

I can hear nothing but ticking now...

...anyways...I should go now..

Into the city.

I don't know what I'll find...

but I'm making damn sure this experiment...

it will never happen to anyone again.

This is for Rob, Max, Dannyboy, old Brian, and Nat..

I love you, guys.


  1. ..............this is just fucking peachy. Damn it Peter!

  2. Damn. It's not often that it would have been LUCKY to just be looped. Those bastards didn't stand a chance. I'd say remind me to kill Peter if I ever see him, but didn't I read that he was already dead?

  3. No one stays dead around Them, unfortunately.