Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ticking (10)

Hello, fellow bloggers.

This is Tim. You may know me as the asshole that betrayed his friends, right?

I'm here to set the record straight...I didn't leave them willingly. Trust me.

I had to leave...I had to find answers.

And I found some alright.

I killed one of those Agents Peter was related to, and got my hands on some inportant info.

We're being experimented on.This is a mutual demonstration between the "Fears", as Peter calls them, and that Club Band thing. It's a survival test. They want to see how long until we are killed.

But I've found a way out. A weak point. Another door.

I don't know how...it just appeared to me one day. And ever since, I've been lurking these city streets.

To my friends, they haven't seen me in two weeks, I think.

But to me,...I haven't seen them in months. Almost half a year, in fact.

I just kept running, and now I know a few parts of this place.

Of course, it's always changing, so in reality, I know nothing at all.

That fucker Peter. He's on The Fears' side. He's watching me blog this right now...hahahahahah

aren't you!? huh!?

I'll get you for killing my friends, Rob and Daniel!
the ticking's getting faster



like a heartbeat

like the drum of a heartbeat.

the deathwatches...I will drown them in water

drown out their sound

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  1. You're in the Empty City. It's only another Fear, get out before you get dead. Just some friendly advice.