Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ticking (4)

We never had a friend named Fred.
Max was looking over the blog, and we noticed that in the first entry we mentioned someone named Fred, who happened to be a mechanic. Honestly, I don’t remember who fixed that bus up, but it wasn’t a kid named Fred.
What’s happening to our memory? Is that tall thing fucking us up beyond repair?
And that reminds me; where the hell is he? Ever since we posted last, that….thing...has run off somewhere.
 It says something when we worry more when we can’t see it.
We’re still locked inside of the house.
And outside? What happened to the sun, guys?
It’s been night time for the last two days.
Also; ticking.
For the last four days, there has been this…noise increasing.
There’s a clock somewhere. I can hear it.
And it’s getting louder.


  1. I told you that would happen. Have you tried breaking the windows?

  2. We're scared if we -actively- try to escape the Slender Dude will emerge from the darknes,...and, yknow. Take us, kill us, rape us, or drive us mad.