Monday, August 22, 2011

Ticking (3)

Okay, I should tell you who’s here before I tell you what’s going on.
First, it’s me, Rob.
Then, there’s Nat. He’s the most timid of us. Jumps at the slightest of noises nowadays. Breaks down when he sees or knows the Slender Man is nearby. That behavior is going to get him killed, for sure.
Max is up next. He’s the jock of the group. Can be a bit mean sometimes, but for the most part, he’s a cool dude. Likes to think he’s funny. Prone to cuss the tall guy out whenever he looks in the goddamn window.  The opposite of Nat.
Last but not least, there’s Brian. Definitely not the least. Brian’s….chubby. Not fat, mind you, but chubby, which is strange considering how much that fucker eats. Kind of a disgusting dude, but we love him anyways.
Now you know the gang. You’re familiar with  the dynamic of the house now.
Now I can go on. Gotta keep calm though.
We’re locked inside of the house.
Can’t get out.
Also, we have no idea what time it is. I mean, we’re pretty sure it’s daytime, but…
It’s completely dark outside.
What time is it right now? Eastern, if you can.
Oh god the tall guy is back.
He’s the onlylighthere.
He’s not leaving this time
Shit nat and max
Max and nat are having their little spaz attacks now
Slender is tapping on the window.
He wants us to open the window.
Max is opening the window.
I want to tell them to not open it
But can’t can’t can’t whispering inside of my head
how is he opening it anyway it's supposed to be locked

Slender is now tapping on max’s head
Tip tap tip tap
Tick tock tick tock
Max is bleeding profusely from the nose.
Slender is gone
Max is on the floor


  1. You're counting down to twelve, doll. You just have to wait and see.

  2. I found this too late. Shit, these guys are looped, aren't they? Reading on to see if any of them lived.