Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ticking (5)

Holy shit
You….you won’t believe this. None of you will.
But I have to tell you, don’t I? Or that thing I see in my dreams every night will slit my throat with his claws and eat my eyes and save my kidneys for a snack later, right? That’s what’s
Okay, look; we’re trapped.
A few hours ago, we were brainstorming on what to do next when we heard one of the upstairs windows breaking. Heading up to the second floor, we find a hooded man in Daniel’s old room. The hooded man ignored us, and walked over to the exact place Daniel…expired at. The body’s gone, after we had stowed it away in the kid’s closet, but dried blood still caked the cold floor.
We didn’t say a word to the Stranger. We didn’t know what to say. There was this….presence that leaked out of him. We felt that if we had opened our mouths…we’ll catch flies so to speak. That if we open them, we’d be letting poisoned air in. We’d be letting a Presence in.
The man took his right index finger, and dragged it through the rusting blood. He traced the word “Embraced” under the symbol. For a second, he considered the triangles, and according to his mannerisms, one could have concluded he thought it was a job well done. But he looked back down, and hurriedly added the phrase, “Tune in, drop out” underneath.
The hood got up, and silently jumped back out the window, ignoring the fact that humans can die at that height. We knew better though; that thing was not human. It wasn’t even close to human.
But thanks to that thing, we have finally figured our location out.
Now, I wish we hadn’t.
You see, our house has been moved. Yeah, like The Wizard of Oz I guess, but our house isn’t damaged in the slightest. The house lies in the center of a gigantic square, formed by….
Four towering city buildings.
Yeah, I know. Crazy. Bet you’re going to leave the blog now, huh? Never think of this again, huh? But please, we need your help. Nat’s spazzing out again in the downstairs closet, Max seems to be suffering from Cabin Fever or some shit, and Brian is laying down on the couch and eating our last bag of potato chips.
And the ticking is getting ever-so-louder.